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Welcome to Coast to Coast Hockey Apparel...

Here at Coast to Coast Hockey we know hockey has its own special lifestyle and we offer clothing that fits that style.  We know that wherever you go you want to look good.  Whether its showing up to practice, warming up before the big game, wheeling at the bar after a huge win, playing golf with the boys, or just cruising the town or beach.  We know that everywhere you go, you want people to know that you play the greatest sport on earth.

Most people don't understand us.  All girls love us, all guys want to be us.  We all share a lifestyle that none of us would trade for the world.  We speak our own language, we have our own traditions.  No matter what level of hockey you play at, from peewee to the show to beer league, we are part of a lifestyle that will forever be a part of us.  It is the common bond between hockey players everywhere that unites us as one big family.

We are a company started by a few friends who live and breathe the game (and have a few too many boring classes in school).  We created this company to share our culture with hockey players around the world and to share the love for the game with everyone.

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What team has the best jersey colors?

Vancouver (white/royal/green) - 12.5%
University of Maine (navy/baby/white) - 43.8%
LA Kings (purple/gold) - 18.8%
San Jose Sharks (teal/black/orange) - 12.5%
University of Minnesota (maroon/gold) - 6.3%
Buffalo Sabres (navy/gold/white) - 6.3%

Total votes: 16
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